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Tesla Model 3 Purchase Agreement

Although the Government of the Land of Brandenburg and Tesla have signed the sales contract, some details have yet to be worked out. The first is the actual price – the land was originally valued at around €41 million, but the final value is determined by an independent valuation and the price adjusted accordingly. The sales contract was already approved earlier this month by the Brandenburg state government. At the site near Berlin, the German capital, Tesla intends to have the plant built by next summer to produce 150,000 Model 3 and Model Y. This figure is expected to rise to 500,000 per year. Yes, that`s what I always do. I always make sure to read everything before buying something In Germany, the land for the Tesla factory planned in the District of Grünheide, Brandenburg, has been advanced by a decisive step: Tesla has just signed with the Land of Brandenburg the contract for the sale of the 300 hectares of land for Teslas Gigafactory 4. I made a Model 3 reservation for about eight months before placing an order a few weeks ago. My expected delivery should be December of this year. On Friday morning, I received a text message and an email that confirmed the delivery within two days.

I was delighted. Right away, I started to prepare myself and everything. The next day, I was about to get my balance at ACH. When checking the MVPA on my Tesla account, I was surprised to see in the description «New Service Vehicle/Demo» with a mileage of «1527». I knew there was some kind of mistake because I was with my friend when he received his 3s not so long ago and his odometer was less than 50 years old. I brought him back to a small input error on his part and decided to call the delivery man to make sure everything was copacious. I was told that someone had made a mistake and assigned me this VIN. He apologized, said it was a good catch, and they would solve the problem. Of course, my delivery date had to be cancelled until I was given a new VIN.

I just wanted to share my experience if it happened to someone else. I know we can get caught up in excitement, but don`t make the mistake of signing and/or paying without checking everything properly. I don`t have a VIN in my account yet, but my pickup has been scheduled for over a week. Where do you see all this? Another small demonstration of about fifty people carried banners that welcomed Tesla. Some residents are also excited about the job prospects the Tesla plant will bring, as well as the seemingly urgent restructuring of highways in and around the area, often plagued by transit traffic jams. Although the project generally seems to have the support of local politicians and many locals, the «for Tesla» protest was spontaneously organized by those who lived in the area, who were worried «that the whole world thinks that all Of Grünheide is against the factory» and wanted to show their support for the factory. according to the organizers of the event….

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